Global Relay Message

Currently, I work at Global Relay Communications as the interaction designer for Global Relay Message. Global Relay Message is a high performance cloud messaging platform, and it is designed to meet the messaging, federation, compliance, privacy, and security needs of the financial sector and other highly regulated industries. A fully integrated communication solution, Global Relay Message connects millions of users via a single global directory.



I design the interactions on multiple platforms.

It has been 3 years that I work at Global Relay, and during this time, I have been focusing on the Global Relay Message as my main project. Message just became customer-facing for the first time this year! This was very exciting for me to see the product ship to the real customers after a long long wait. 

I design the interactions for Message on the following platforms: 

  • Web
  • Desktop: Windows and Mac
  • iOS
  • Android

I use Balsamiq to wireframe and I use Axure to Prototype 

I use my Balsamiq wireframes  to communicate my design ideas with the Product Owners and Managers, and I user Axure to validate my design ideas and to conduct as many use-ability studies as I can.

The opportunity of being the only interaction designer that designs for all of the 4 supported platforms of Message has been huge and a great challenge for a growing interaction designer like me. Each of those 4 platforms have their own dedicated teams of developers, QAs, and project managers. I am responsible to present and to groom the ideas with all of those teams and to answer any questions they have along the process of implementing the features. 



User-flows and storyboards are essential to my design process

As soon as the product owners and managers communicate the business requirements to me, I start white-boarding user-flows and rough sketches of my initial thoughts and design ideas. 

User-flows, journey maps, and storyboards are key for me to make sure that my designs fulfill all of the requirements and user needs before I take the idea over to the wire-framing process and prototyping.