A software designed for Recon Instruments 


Designing for Recon Jet 

This R&D project was done for Recon Instruments. In a team of 5 we designed a software for Recon Jet - a compact wearable computing system built into sport sunglasses for cyclists - that displayed motivating information to the user.

The biggest challenge of this project was designing for the small screen inside sunglasses. With such a small real-state, it was very important to place the most needed information on the screen, in the simplest and the most minimalistic way possible. The information going into one single page would contain: 

  • Time
  • Speed
  • Angle of the hills the bike is on
  • Heart rate
  • Distance to destinations
  • Notifications

Pathways - Prototype

Building an interactive prototype using a Recon Jet device was essential to validating our ideas and designs.  My team members used HTML to program the visuals inside the screen. We used a Recon Jet prototype, that was provided to us by Recon Instruments, and asked our test-users to wear it,  and to interact with our software, as they rode a bike in a safe and monitored pathway.  Recon Jet is now in the hands of customers; the product is now acquired by Intel

The Design Process



In-order to gain a good understanding of our user-base and their needs, we conducted research and used surveys.



Based on the research, we then listed the different users that would use our software.  



Based on the research, we then proceeded with defining the user-flow of our software, and continued with creating wireframes, and building prototypes to validate the design ideas.